Joe Dispenza Meditation Notes

Updated: Jun 2024 - This is still a work-in-progress!

1. Introduction

Below, I'll be sharing some information (my notes, Joe's writings, links to good YouTube videos, etc.) that will help people better understand and practice various Joe Dispenza meditations. I'll be addressing:

  1. General Concepts and Practices: how to do the "Breath" (i.e. the method of breathing that he uses often in his meditations), what he means by "space" (he uses this term a lot) and why this term/concept is commonly used in his meditations, etc.
  2. Specific Meditations: notes on various meditations and preparation needed for some of them

2. Understanding Joe Dispenza's "Breath" (i.e. The Breathing Method He Teaches)

Salty Seven has a great YouTube channel with many videos on Joe Dispenza's teachings and meditations. This is a good video on how to do the Breath: Dr. Joe Dispenza: How to do the Breath: A Step by Step Guide.

3. Understanding What Joe Dispenza Means By Being Aware Of Or Sensing "Space"

Joe's own organization has some good responses to common questions. Here's a good answer by them: What does Dr Joe mean when he refers to space?

Here's an article that is a bit more advanced: Sensing Space in Meditation By Peter J Hill.

4. Understanding The "Blessing Of The Energy Centers (BOTEC)" 1 Meditation

4.1 Image Of 7/8 Energy Centers
4.2 Joe Dispenza's Summary Of His "BOTEC 1" Meditation
  1. 1st to 7th Energy Centers: Begin by placing your attention in the first energy center (the area of your perineum), and then open up your attention to the space around this center. Once you can sense this space around the energy center and tune in to its frequency, bless that center for the greatest good and with the intention of giving life to life. I want you to connect to elevated emotions—like love, gratitude, or joy—to raise the frequency of this center and create coherence in the mini-brain of this center so that it draws from a new field of energy and information. Think of the cells of your body that relate to each center as your children, and these children are looking for the proper instructions. Simply have the intention to love them and raise the frequency with that intention. Do the same for the second to the seventh energy centers.
  2. 8th Energy Center: The eighth and final energy center is slightly different from the previous. This time place your attention in the eighth energy center (about 16 inches—40 centimeters—above your head). As an awareness, aware that you are aware in the blackness of space above your head in space, tune your attention to the energy of space that this center occupies in space. Once you can sense the space that this energy center occupies in space, tune in to its frequency, and bless that center for the greatest good, with the intention of giving life to life. The only emotion I want you to bless this center with is gratitude, appreciation, or thankfulness, because gratitude is the ultimate state of receivership. This will allow energy that carries new information from the quantum field to enter your nervous system.
  3. Whole Body: Finally, the last step of this meditation is to open your focus, become aware of the space around your body in space, and place your attention on the vital energy surrounding your entire body, building a new field of energy. Since where you place your attention is where you place your energy, as you begin to surround your body with your awareness, you are creating your own field of consciousness and coherent energy around it so that all your atoms, molecules, chemicals, cells, tissues, organs, and systems will draw from a new field of electromagnetic energy.

(This was written by Dr. Joe Dispenza)

4.3 Other Resources To Understand The "BOTEC" Meditations

5. Understanding The "Tuning In To New Potentials" Meditation

5.1 Advanced Preparation Needed (By Joe Dispenza)
  • I want you to think about a potential experience you want to have. Remember that just like the electron before it collapses into matter, the experience already exists as a potential in the energy or frequency in the quantum field. This is the energy that you’re about to tune in to.
  • Once you have the new experience you want to create, assign a capital letter to it and then write that letter down on a piece of paper. Think of the letter as a symbol that represents that specific possibility in your life. Then draw two squiggly circular lines around the letter to represent the electromagnetic field that you need to generate around your body to match that potential in the quantum.
  • Assign meaning to that letter so you can get even more clear about your intention. Think of some specific conditions of what you want, write down the header Intention, and list at least four of them beneath it. (The only thing I don’t want you to consider including is any mention of a time frame.)
  • Finally, on that same piece of paper, write down the header Elevated Emotions and list the emotions you will feel when that imagined potential happens. These different emotions are the energy that is going to carry your intent. You really have to feel those emotions. You have to teach your body emotionally what that future is going to feel like before it happens—and you have to do that in the present moment.

(This was written by Dr. Joe Dispenza)

5.2 Example (Image) Of Advanced Preparation Needed In "Becoming Supernatural" Book

This is an example of the advanced preparation done by Joe Dispenza's son Jace for this meditation.

"This is how my son Jace created his new job. J is a symbol that represents a potential new experience. On the left side, under Intention, he assigned specific conditions of the type of job he would like. On the right side, under Elevated Emotion, he assigned specific emotions he would feel when the experience happened. By combining these two elements, he changed his energy every day to draw his new job to him."

Dr. Joe Dispenza

5.3 Joe Dispenza's Summary Of His "Tuning In To New Potentials" Meditation
  1. Start by becoming aware of the infinite, vast space way out behind your eyes in this eternal black space. Next, proceed by resting your attention in different parts of your body, as well as the space around those parts of your body in space. For example, I want you to become aware of the space in the center of your head in this infinite black space. Then become aware of the space between the back of your throat and the back of your head in this eternal black space. Next, become aware of the vastness of space around your head in space. Feel an alive energy all around your head in this endless black space. As you move to each of these spaces within and around your body, take your time and feel it, become aware of it, and stay present with it. Then become aware of the space in the center of your throat in this endless black void of anything physical—then the space beyond your throat and around your neck in space. Now become aware of the space in the center of your chest, resting your awareness there for a few moments to anchor your attention there. Next, move your attention to the space around your body in this eternal vast space; then become aware of the space that your navel occupies in space, and keep your attention there, staying present with it for a few minutes. Begin to feel the space around your hips in this endless black void. Again, with each one, take your time to really feel it and become aware of it. Finally, I want you to become aware of how vast the black space is. Become aware that the blackness is the size of the room that you’re in, in space. By opening your focus, extend your awareness to the vastness of space beyond the room in space.
  2. Next, it’s time to become no body, no one, no thing, no where, in no time; to become pure consciousness and to unfold as an awareness into this infinite black space and endless field where all possibilities exist. This means you have to take your attention off of your body, the people in your life, the things you own, and the places you have to go—even where you happen to be sitting. This is how you get beyond linear time—beyond thinking about the predictable future or remembering the familiar past. I recommend that you practice moving beyond space and time for at least 10 to 15 minutes. You may want to set an alarm to remind you to move to the next step.
  3. As you keep investing your attention and energy into the infinite unknown realm of endless possibilities, the longer you linger in the unknown, the more you create possibilities in your life. So go deeper into the void, trusting in the unknown. Lose yourself in nothing to become everything. If you get distracted, simply return to the present moment and unfold back into possibility. Every time you return to the present moment, you are reconditioning your body to a new mind and executing a will that is becoming greater than your automatic unconscious programs.
  4.  Next, think about your new potential by remembering your letter. Whatever you broadcast into the field is your experiment with destiny. Remember that the longer you are conscious of this energy, the more you are drawing that future experience to you. When there’s a vibrational match between your energy and that potential, you will collapse time so that new event in space can find you. Sense that energy—within you and all around you—and tune in to the energy of your future. Stay present with that energy and don’t try to make anything happen.
  5. Where you place your attention is where you place your energy, so now it’s time to invest your energy into your new future by remembering that future before it happens. It’s time to live that future now. What choices will you make in this new future? What things will you do? What experiences await you and how will they feel? Just let those thoughts and images come. They will become the blueprints of your destiny. What are you going to do with all your new wealth? What are you going to do with your new job? What are you going to do with your new freedom? What are you going to do with your new life? What are you going to do when you’re healthy? By mentally rehearsing what that future will be like, you’re priming your brain and body to make it look like this future event has already happened.
  6. When you are done, it’s time to surrender your creation to a greater mind, planting a seed in the infinite field of possibilities. Allow this greater intelligence of the unified field to organize your creation in a way that’s perfect for you—and then just let it go! Whatever intention you experience and emotionally embrace in the realm beyond space and time must manifest in this space and time. It’s the law.
  7. Next, take your left hand and place it over your heart, and bless your body with a new mind. Your body is your temple, so I want you to bless it and love it into life. Bless your life that it be an extension of your mind, giving new life to your life. Bless your soul that it wake you from this dream. Bless your past that it turn to wisdom, and bless your future that it be filled with opportunity and adventure. Bless the challenges in your life that they initiate you into greatness. Bless the divine in you—the power within you—and ask it to move in you, through you, and all around you—and ask it to show evidence in your life that it is real.
  8. It’s time to finish in a state of gratitude. If your thought sends the signal out and your feeling draws the event back to you, it’s time to open your heart and give thanks for a new life before it’s made manifest. The longer you feel gratitude, the more you’re drawing your new future to you because gratitude means it has already happened. Gratitude is the ultimate state of receivership.
  9. Finally, slowly bring your awareness back to a new body, to a new environment, and to a whole new time. When you’re ready, you can open your eyes and come back to the world of your senses in this dimension of space and time. Then get up from your meditation as though your future has already happened, not waiting for it to show up or waiting for it to happen, but feeling with certainty that events are unfolding at this very moment that will bring what you want directly to you in a way you could never imagine—and let the synchronicities and new possibilities find you.

(This was written by Dr. Joe Dispenza)

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